What are the benefits of an LPG Boiler?

What is an LPG boiler?

LPG is a highly efficient fuel, and it stands for ‘Liquid Petroleum Gas’. Its efficiency means you get a good return on every unit of energy, and considering the cost of LPG heating has dropped in recent years, it makes it a pretty tempting option to have in your home.

To get into the nitty gritty of what LPG fuel actually is, it’s a bi-product of crude oil refinement, meaning it’s a fossil fuel. LPG fuel is a mix of two non-toxic gases: propane and butane, with a small mix of natural gas, and it’s transported as a liquid.

What are the pros of choosing LPG central heating?

Other than the efficiency and falling prices, there’s plenty of other benefits to choosing an LPG central heating system.

One of the biggest benefits is the ease of installation and low maintenance that comes with this type of heating system. Because LPG boilers are more efficient, you don’t have to worry about the soot build up as you would in the case of an oil boiler.

It’s also a greener alternative to heating your home. Heating oil emits more CO2 per kWh than LPG, which means an oil boiler has a bigger carbon footprint. To summarise, LPG fuel produces 33% less carbon dioxide than coal, and 15% less than oil. So, if doing your part to reduce your impact on the environment is an important factor to you, then this creates a great case in favour of opting for an LPG boiler. It’s also worth noting that if there is a spill, LPG won’t cause damage to water or the environment.

“I’m cooking on gas” is an age old saying that relates to have gas hobs instead of electric in the kitchen. Any chef or keen cook will tell you the benefits of ‘cooking on gas’, which include instant heat and arguably better temperature control – particularly as LPG burns at a constant temperature.

Finally, you needn’t worry about installing an unsightly fuel tank, as this can be stored underground.

Who would benefit from LPG Plumbing?

LPG plumbing would benefit a number of different households. Perhaps you’re living off the grid in a beautifully remote part of the country and therefore not connected to mains gas? Or perhaps living off-grid is a dream you’ve long had, and this will help you to achieve that goal.

There are also different, smaller, types of LPG boilers and these include water heaters which offer a great solution for caravans, mobile homes or even camping cookers. This demonstrates its versatility.

Are there any negatives to choosing an LPG heating system?

LPG is delivered by road and stored in a tank. This means there is the possibility that you could run out while you wait for your next delivery. However, there are systems that monitor the amount in your tank and automatically notify your supplier when it needs topping up are available.

Another negative could be that it’s a fossil fuel, meaning it’s a non-renewable energy source. So, whilst it might feel like a greener alternative to burning coal and oil, it’s not a completely ‘green’ choice.

How Assett Plumbing can help

As with any heating system, it’s important to get it regularly serviced, at least every 12 months. The team at Assett plumbing will be happy to service your boiler for you. Also, LPG plumbing and heating systems can fault just like any other boiler, so having a local plumber in Northampton that you can trust will help to put your mind at rest.

For any more information about LPG boilers, please contact us, and your local plumber will be happy to advise you.