What are wall-hung toilets?

Create more space with a wall hung toilet

Wall hung toilets are the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms. Yes, you will need to factor in a stud wall, but clever designing still results in more overall space and perhaps just as importantly, the feeling of more space. 

En-suites and cloakrooms are often short on space, making a wall-mounted toilet the perfect solution for maximising the space you have. They can be placed closer to furniture too, meaning you can fit more in, or choose to have a larger sink, for example.

Perhaps you’re looking to utilise a larger space with a feature bathtub, and need a toilet that won’t impact on the space? Or maybe you’ve been fretting at how to create that perfect en-suite, knowing that space is tight? A floating toilet can create more space, allowing you more options when it comes to choosing the final design of your new bathroom.

Floating toilets are easier to clean

The nature of their design means they’re much easier to clean, as there’s no reaching behind the toilet bowl and cistern to get to the gap behind. With no nooks and crannies, wall-mounted toilets are less likely to build up with dirt and grime too, making them a much more hygienic choice.

Cleaning the bathroom is hardly a job to look forward to, but at least with a wall-mounted toilet you know you’re giving yourself just that little bit less to do – giving you the chance to do something you actually enjoy!

Wall hung toilets are more aesthetically pleasing

The words ‘design’ and ‘toilet’ are ones not usually paired together. But if any toilet is going to tick the box on aesthetics, it’s likely to be a wall hung toilet.

Putting the cistern behind the wall allows you to tile the floor flush to the wall, creating an ultra-modern floating toilet effect. This concealed cistern allows for a stylish finish, making the bathroom in your home resemble that of a beautiful hotel room en-suite!

But this doesn’t mean increasing your budget. Wall-mounted toilets are still surprisingly affordable, so you don’t need to compromise on cost to achieve the design you’re after.

Why choose Assett plumbing as your Northampton plumbers to install your wall mounted toilet?

With years of experience in installing new bathrooms, and floating toilets, meaning you can be confident that all you’ll need to worry about it what colour tiles to choose or what colour to paint the walls! We can do the rest.

As a family owned business, we understand just how important it is to achieve the perfect bathroom, and how having an expertly crafted bathroom can make such a difference to everyday life. We also understand the disruption a new bathroom can cause when in the process of being installed, with local plumbers coming in and out! We will always aim to keep this to a minimal, working efficiently and always deliver service with a smile! Simply get in touch today for more information.